Things to count before starting your Digital Marketing campaign

We are currently living in the shift era of advertising where every company is moving on to the digital platform for their advertising and marketing activities. The three main reasons for this shift are the insights gathered on them, the economic advantage and the easy reach to more people. While there are many internal factors adding to making an efficient digital ad there are some crucial external factors which are more significant in this.

One such factor is the Internet Penetration. The Internet penetration level in USA is more than 75% while in case of India it is still near 26% by 2015.[Check the stat here] The penetration through Jio can be added only when their free offer ends. So, does this mean that in a country where start up is the mantra, digital advertising cannot be effective as in other countries?

The second factor is the Internet Speed. Imagine yourself as a Food manufacturer who is still following up the traditional techniques like Murkee. You are preparing a video about how your products are different and healthier over your competitors and you boost the ad on a social media platform. Now, imagine the customers do not have access to a high speed internet connection. This one problem will put the entire effort in vain.

The third factor is the Compatibility. Recently I published a blog on a Food place through my PC. When I viewed it through my android, I could find the alignment is not suited to my phone screen that I have to scroll both horizontally and vertically. So this means that I have to create the same content twice or thrice making it compatible for PC, Phones, Tablets, and also for the different OS versions. Now doesn’t this involve to much time and effort?

Let me throw a small stat here it is a known fact that once we load a page, advertisement is the first thing to get loaded. On an average [before the Jio era], a person uses 1GB data in a month. Out of this he wastes approximately 250 MB in loading ads. These ads includes banners, images, sponsored ads, pop up ads, video ads etc. It is surprising that people haven’t realized that they spend 20% of their Internet money on ads which they do not want to see (mostly). Soon when the customer realize this, we can expect some new regulations on digital advertising.

The top spenders in Digital Advertising are the E commerce players. Forget the big shots like Flipkart and Jabong there are many other small e commerce players who rely completely on digital advertising for their advertising activities. Zomato a well known operator faces the problem that only less than 2% conversion is happening on customers who visit and customers who order through Zomato. This is a proof that not all digital ads can convey the messages which the advertiser intends to.

The question I post here is,

  • Is digital Marketing really as effective as it is said?
  • Should we stop completely shifting to Digital Marketing in a developing country like India?
  • Is digital marketing too much dependent on external factors?

Of all these, Digital Marketing is still one of the reliable and effective forms for advertising. But what is there in proving a fact right?!

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