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What will be the next high paying Job in Digital Marketing space?

I always wanted to be a content writer. I spent hours working with the product studying it so that I can think of various dimensions to prepare my content. I started well initially with Badminton Racket reviews and then writing on Food. But I felt the immediate attraction gained by them were not as satisfactory as I expected. It took time until people visited the external site to read about it get amused and still had time to share with their friend and network. So I was wondering whether there could be anything that can produce instant virality other than videos. It would also be handy if I can do that with the platforms I am working now rather than going for a new one.

That was the time (14 months ago) when we had a Digital Marketing event at my college. The second round was to create a Digital Marketing Campaign for a Movie given to us. As always, I and my team wanted to do something different rather than preparing something which is already happening. So BANG we came up with this idea of promoting the movie through Trolls and Memes in the Social Media, We named it the Troll and MEME marketing. Guess what happened?! We were kicked out of the event as our idea was not much appreciated.

Have you ever come across those arrogant people in your college or workplace who will never accept their idea or point is wrong instead will argue the audience don’t have the knowledge to understand them? If not well you are reading one of such kind guy’s article now. Oh, by the way, it took a year until the idea came into a reality. A movie in Kollywood used the idea for their promotions and it worked wonders.

What they exactly did was they provided screenshots of the movie to those popular troll pages and those screenshots were used to create memes. This was started 2 months before the movie release so that a buzz is generated and built aptly for the release date.

A new form of Digital Embedded Marketing?? Call it the way you want. But the next time you wanna start a business start your own troll page months before you start the business. Trust me it works!

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