Ace your Social media paid campaign with these 5 beginner steps

Social media advertising has turned into an integral part of Business communications. From Branding to customer service they are the easiest way one can reach out to their customer. But when it comes to paid advertising most people especially beginners they commit one common mistake which reduces the efficiency of the ad campaign.

This is starting to boost post early. We know how pumped up people will be when they start a new business and how soon they want more customers and engagement from their audience. But you should not allow your fandom take care of your planning. Cautious planning is necessary in each step to get the maximum output from each campaign.

Do not start a page and boost it straight way to and believe you will get more audience. Instead follow these steps to paid campaign.

Step 1: Try creating your audience group with the boost option. Once you click the page boost button in Facebook you will get the option to create your custom audience. Use this option and plan who will be target audience. Wait now don’t start to boost.

Step 2: Start posting related posts for the next one week. Now that you know your audience start creating posts that has variety – images, videos, articles. Either you can follow the strategy to stick to one form of content only. The latter works fine too.

Step 3: Find the best content. Now that it has been a week I expect you would have invited some of your friends to like your page. With the given amount of audience check the post genre which has received the maximum insights. It can be humor, informational or anything. Find the content.

Step 4: Create more post on the genre and save. You might think about skipping this step but this is the most vital step. Most campaigns fail because of skipping this step. Create more posts on the genre which received maximum engagement and save it or schedule it for the next one week. The reason being interest. Once you start involving too much there is a chance for you to grow busy with other parts of the business or get frustrated with the slow growth. It is better to accept this and plan in advance. Most successful pages have their posts always pre scheduled for a week.

Step 5: Yes now you can boost the best post you found over the week.

The strategy here is, when you do a paid campaign, the platform will generate a lot of page views. By following these steps, when someone new visit your page he will find more interesting post and will start engaging. Platforms like Facebook show posts in a person’s news feed based on their interest and based on the posts they have engaged. So creating more posts for the next one week will provide continuous engagement to the audience and keep your post visible on the person’s feed.

Do you have any better plans? Suggest in the comments section below.

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