10 Chrome Extensions every Digital Marketer should use

There is no doubt that we love all the products that Google has given us. One such product was Google chrome which was launched in the year 2008. Google believed that it could give a new dimension to the browsing experience and wanted to implement certain features and functionalities that were not available from any browsers at that time.

Chrome browser market share

A day does not go by where we do not use google chrome for our daily browsing needs. As of June 2018, 59% of the population of America used google chrome on their desktop devices. A report from Statista in 2018 says that Chrome has a 63% market share in the Desktop segment and 47.3% in the mobile segment, when compared to its competitors – Firefox, Safari, UC Browser, and Internet Explorer. Why do you think that is? This could be attributed to its: speed, ease of use, availability of extensions to improve the browsing experience, compatibility with numerous languages and the omni channel experience it provides.

While speed, ease of use and experience can be provided by any browser, Google Chrome’s extensions have become widely popular. Extensions are modules that can be used to customize the browsing experience. If you are a Digital Marketer, here is the list of top 10 chrome extensions that you can leverage to stay more organized, get more customers and increase overall productivity.

How do you get your hands on these Plugins?

Installing these plugins are a cakewalk. All you need to do is, to open the Google chrome webstore from your chrome browser, and you will have a multitude of free extensions that can be picked based on your business/personal requirements.

Though there are hundreds of different chrome extensions, The following 10 extensions are essential for a Digital Marketer.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a great tool that will correct your grammar and check your spellings virtually anywhere you write on the web. Grammarly will not only check for mistakes but will also suggest corrections which makes it a must-have tool.

Grammarly Chrome extension

It simplifies our day to day tasks by helping us eliminate human errors. And all these features are available for free upon installation of the chrome plugin. Grammarly also has features that are part of the premium subscription like: Plagiarism checker, Vocabulary enhancements, writing style checks, to name a few.

2. Google Lighthouse

If you own your own website, this could be your tool. Lighthouse is an automated tool for improving website quality. It measures a website based on 5 important categories:

  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • PWA: Progressive Web Apps
  • Best Practices
  • SEO
Google Lighthouse chrome extension

And generates a custom report which gives a thorough overview of the website quality and areas for improvement. This tool can be used to review any website of your choice by just plugging in the URL after downloading the chrome extension.

3. OneTab

Who does not open multiple tabs while doing research? OneTab makes it super easy to refer to multiple tabs at the same time, in an organized fashion. This is by far one of the most convenient chrome extensions that I have ever come across. OneTab converts all your tabs into a list.

When you want to declutter your chrome window, all you need to do it to click on the OneTab extension. It will organize all the tabs into a list which can again be expanded when needed.

This is useful not only because it organizes the browsing experience, but also because it provides a list view of all the open pages which makes cross-referencing much easier.

4. Zest

Zest is used by marketers to discover fresh and high-quality content to support their field of work, curated by a community of over 20,000+ marketing experts. It allows you to bookmark articles, create your own social account, and engage with other community members directly from the browser tab.

Zest is different from other sites in the way that, it not only allows you to bookmark content but also build a community, follow each other, contribute, and grow your own personal brand.

5. Ghostery Ad Blocker

As the name suggests, Ghostery is an open source security related browser extension that removes advertisements including pop ups and banner ads from webpages to eliminate clutter and prevent tracking. Removing unnecessary ads speeds up the browser thereby providing uninterrupted browsing experience.

Best Ad blocker chrome extension

All you need to do to implement Ghostery Ad Blocker is to install the plugin from chrome web store and it will immediately start working as a virtual blocker and cosmetic filter.

6. MozBar

This is a free chrome extension that provides enhanced SEO and metrics on the go. MozBar is designed to give instant metrics while viewing any webpage. It offers a wide variety of SEO related features for free, on the go. Some of its features include:

  • Accessing Domain ad Page Authority Rank of any website instantly
  • Identifying highlight keywords on a page
  • Access and compare metrics across pages while viewing SERP
  • Not only this, it also has an option of exporting the analysis details to a CSV file
Best SEO Chrome extension

This is an easy to use tool for keeping tabs on SEO related metrics for any webpage.

7. Boomerang

Every Digital Marketer’s goal would be to achieve email marketing campaign productivity. There is no better way to do this than to use Boomerang- chrome extension. It allows for message scheduling (To be sent at a later date/time), Message tracking (Track exactly the time in which a subscriber reads the mail), Scheduling reminders inside Gmail, and postpone(snooze) incoming emails thereby keeping the inbox sorted at all times.

It also has an AI powered assistant that helps compose better emails that are sure to generate a response. This assistant, Respondable helps in starting an effective conversation and keeping it going, all in real time.

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The process of using LinkedIn sales Navigator is quite easy. All you need to do is to connect your Gmail platform with LinkedIn and can be used anywhere on chrome. This extension helps you to focus on the right prospects and accounts to build a trusted relationship.

LinkedIN sales navigator chrome extension

It provides real time sales updates (Updates on your accounts and leads) which can be leveraged to deliver personalized data driven emails for lead engagement.

9. Buffer

Buffer is the best way to schedule posts for Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) from anywhere on the web with just a click. This extension integrates with all websites easily allowing seamless content sharing.

Buffer Chrome extension for Social media management

This tool helps you visit different sites and schedule to Buffer directly from whichever site you are on. It can be used to share content immediately or queue it for the future.

10: HashTest

Last but never the least, HashTest is a real time hashtag testing tool which will help you in finding the best and most relevant hashtag content as you type, real time for your social media posts.

Hashtag analyze chrome extension

A recent study shows that using relevant hashtags on Twitter posts can increase engagement with your content by over 40%. HashTest helps you in finding the most popular and the most engaging hashtags that are likely to create more views on your post.

While it is not necessary to use this on all posts, it is a must have, for when you need it.


While there are so many browsers that are gaining traction over the last few years (Duck Duck go, Safari, Firefox, etc), chrome is the one browser that people predominantly want to use. It is primarily because google runs most of our online lives – email, calendar, google maps, Google Pay, and Google chrome as a browser.  There is no denying that we all rely on some tools to do our work and I believe chrome extensions are the current go-to solutions.

 I hope at least one of these extensions if not all, will help make your job easier. All you need to do is to adapt the right tools and you will be on your way to make an excellent Digital Marketer.