10 Less Known Less Expensive SEO Tools you can use in 2020

Hello there!‌

Marketing tools are the arsenal every marketer relies on for his day to day activities. Without them, no marketer can function 100%‌ today.‌ Such is the impact of the new age tools in today’s routine.

Amidst all tools, SEO‌ tools are the most important. You might think I am saying this for the sake of increasing the importance to this article and yes you are partially correct 😉

Even, in reality, your website is the face of your company and if people cannot locate that easily they are not gonna do business with you.

So in this blog, I am giving you a list of SEO tools you can use in 2020 which are not very popular and are not very expensive.

What are SEO‌ Tools?

Search Engine Optimization Tools or SEO‌ tools help you to analyze your website and your competitors’ website to optimize the various on-page, off-page, and technical SEO elements such as Search Traffic, Keyword ranking, backlink analysis and lot more.

Not every tool is free and accurate but the below listed SEO‌ tools are free/inexpensive/less known.

What are the types of SEO‌ tools?

Generally in SEO‌, there are three types

  • On-Page SEO‌ – The SEO‌ elements related to the parameters on your content page such as Title, Meta Description, Image Alt texts, Header tags, etc.
  • Off-Page SEO‌ – This is related to content distribution and building backlinks via affiliate websites and social bookmarking sites.
  • Technical SEO‌ – These are the parameters that helps search engines crawl, index and understand your pages better. This involves schema markups, adding do follow/no follow tags etc.

Here are 10 Free or less expensive tools to boost your SEO‌ in 2020

Without any ado, I am jumping straight in

1. WooRank

SEO‌ and website analysis by Woorank as it says is my recent favorite. We cannot go to Screaming frog every time. This tool gives a similar info in a mini snapshot via their Google Chrome extension.

The extension is free and the paid plans start at $29.99 (For some reason I still don’t get why people still play with the .99 pricing model)‌

It gives you a quick page score and issues with on-page and off-page SEO‌ elements such as Title, Meta, Broken links etc.

2. ‌CanIRank

As the name suggests, Canirank is focused on improving your keyword ranking. Apart from just giving rank analysis, the tool also helps you with some recommendations to optimize those keywords in order to rank better.

The tool comes in a package for Keyword research, Link Building, and competitor analysis.

You can start for free here and the paid plan starts at $49/month.

3. Ubersuggest

Alright!‌I know you would pound on the question “What?! UberSuggest?! you think I‌DK that?!”

Read the title again. I said less known and less expensive tools – UberSuggest falls under the latter category.

Ok, before you jump again I know the paid subscription starts at $899 but the free plan is one of the Industry best to do basic keyword research or competitor traffic analysis.

I don’t think I have to explain much about the features it offers, but safe to say since the acquisition by Neil Patel, this tool has been improved a lot with its features.

4. AnswerThePublic

2020 is the year of Voice. To optimize your content in relation to voice search, you need to know what questions people ask for.

Answer the public is a free tool that helps you collate all questions people ask with relation to your keyword. You can simply type in your keyword and voila😃

You get all the questions, comparisons and you can also download them all as a CSV‌file. Pretty cool I‌ guess huh?!

5. Yoast SEO

If you are using WordPress there is a 99% chance that you are using Yoast SEO. One of the most easy to use SEO‌ plugins available today and well-known among the WordPress community.

But here is the part, the above pricing is for the basic SEO‌ plugin and the free version is also not so restricting.

Apart from that, they do have multiple other plugins for Local SEO, Video Optimization, Ecommerce bundle and more.

I‌ have used the freemium version only and it indeed is very handy for optimizing the on-page factors of my new posts. (Like this one)

6. Mangools

Some of you old Marketing folks might have heard about LinkMiner. Yes, years ago even I was using it to analyze backlinks and get competitor links.

Currently, with the brand name of Mangools, they are packed with four main tools – Keyword Finder, SERP‌ checker, SERP‌ miner, Linkminer and Site profiler.

Pretty much the starter pack any‌ SEO‌ guy would need at this point.

They offer you a 10-day free trial and the pricing starts at $26 per month. You can also get additional offer if you pay within the one hour of creating your account (not sure if this was an exclusive offer for me)

7. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

As you know headlines are one of the most important parameters in your content. To optimize it right keywords and make them clickable is easy on paper.

To make your titles both user friendly and search engine friendly you have to combine this tool with some other keyword research tools (like the ones mentioned above or something else)

CoSchedule has more than just the headline analyzer tool, but this tool is free and it gives you solid suggestions towards your content.

Even I was referring to them to fix a headline for this content‌ (you cannot preach what you don’t follow right?)

8. LSI‌ Graph

I‌ am writing this blog with some empathy!‌ If you are a new site like us fair to say you have a Domain Rating which is in single-digit and you will be fooling yourself if you are targeting high competition keywords.

The best way to start fresh is to go ahead with LSI‌ keywords which are easier to rank. You will be addressing a niche segment initially before casting your net wide open.

To help you find those LSI‌ keywords you can use this tool. Now, I‌ hope you understand why I‌ wrote two paragraphs on the start of the blog right? 😉

The Premium version of the tool starts at $12/month

9. Bing Webmaster Tools

Alright, being honest I‌ haven’t tried this one yet!‌ But in the last one year, Bing’s Search engine market share in the US‌has increased from 9%‌ to 12% against Google.

Working on Bing’s search optimization today will give you the first-mover advantage in the next two years.

If you have a google search console setup already you can simply sign in to Bing Webmaster and import the same.

In addition to this, you can also sign up for Bing Ads and receive INR‌3000 credited to your ad budget to start with. (as said earlier I‌ haven’t tried this yet, if you have experience please write to us)

10. SE‌ Ranking

SE ranking is a great option in today’s scenario to spy on competitors traffic. Most of us tend to use SPyfu but I‌ recently stumbled on this tool and they give fairly accurate numbers compared to other tools in the market.

The tool helps you with organic and paid traffic analysis of yours and your competitor’s website. You can further use it for keyword research and suggestions.

With a simple UI – this application helps you get the overview in a snapshot for easy access.

You have a free trial option with limited features and the paid plan starts at $39 per month. If you opt for an annual package you can further avail a 20% off.

Rounding off, Expensive or In-expensive is completely based on your marketing budget. But if you are a new entrant into SEO‌ or a small shop agency this list might be of great help to you.

I will continue to update this blog with more SEO‌ Tools as and when I‌ come across them. Keep visiting us back to maintain your arsenal updated.

Meanwhile, can you think of a friend who would love to make use of this listing? Then please share this to him🤝 If you have until this line you can definitely do it 🤞