10 months and still going strong with Fotoshine Photography

If you want your vendor to really boost your business outcome, treat them as partners

If you want your vendor to really boost your business outcome, treat them as partners – This is the secret behind our partnership with Fotoshine Photography.

Fotoshine was one of our initial clients. Being in business for more than 10 years they started loosing their opportunities to the Digital era.

During my first conversation with Deepan, the founder of fotoshine, he mentioned how he used to get more than 80 leads in a month, and it went down to 5 per month.

Reason? – They did not switch to the Digital era.

Our team did a quick analysis of the situation and understood the market to position them better. We suggested for a trail and error method where we play around with different audience sizes in the initial weeks before we launch heavily.

We cut down our margins and decided to spend completely on generating more leads via organic and paid ads on Social media.

First month we grew the enquiries to 12. It was a great leap from 0 but still not enough to bring up any conversion. Most clients will terminate the contract at this point thinking this platform is not working for them. You need to give more than 3 months in a platform and conduct a minimum of 12 experiments without calling it off.

Deepan on the other hand decided to support and saw the good in it. He continued his support and encouraged to try out more experiments in the channel.

Fotoshine photography Keelkattalai

Second month on – we found our sweet spot. We were hitting at almost 60 enquiries month on month and the conversions at less than 0.1% of the billing amount!!

That was humongous.

And then came COVID Lockdown and we had to cut down a lot of spend in  lead generation ads.

This was the time we decided to move on to Branding part. On any day, investing on your brand is long term return oriented and there can be no better time to do it.

We conducted a contest on Instagram. We had a strong give away for the same. In two weeks, we managed to gain more than 800 followers through the same and we had more than 200 amazing contestants.

The team at Dino Marketers took up the end to end task and involved Mr.Deepan only to announce the winners at the last point.

Even if you buy bot followers they cost you around 1Re. to 2Rs. Per follower depending on the quality but we gained genuine followers to the account at less than Rs.1.50 per follower!!

Through the same we had 3 enquiries which recovered the investment and set up a solid base to grow further into the platform.


We at Dino Marketers, love to partner with clients who will treat us as an extended team. In the last 10 months we have tested multiple experiments with Fotoshine and not everything has succeeded.

But when we failed, we had the backing to try again and that gave us the responsibility to work harder for them.

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